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Product R&D Engineer - Cerence
China (Shanghai)

Cerence specializes in conversational AI technologies for car manufacturers, helping them deliver unique user experiences to their customers. With the Dragon Drive platform, Nuance offers a deeply integrated hybrid solution that can be customized to become an OEM-branded smart automotive assistant which seamlessly integrates into the user’s connected ecosystem. Dragon Drive powers more than 200 million cars on the road today across more than 40 languages, creating conversational experiences for Toyota, Audi, BMW, Daimler, Fiat, Ford, GM, Hyundai, SAIC, and more.
Cerence China is growing fast and we're looking for talented individuals to join us to work alongside some of the most exciting and dynamic individuals and customer organizations in the world!

Position summary
Conduct research and development on NLU (Natural Language Understanding) for automotive, mobile phone and IoT applications; Resolve the key issues of NLU in SDS (Speech Dialogue System); Be a member of global R&D team to create new technologies/products; Follow up state-of-art NLP technologies, including the deep-learning based NLP technologies and products;

Principal duties and responsibilities
Representative responsibilities/duties will include but not limited to:
• Research algorithms of NLP key components for NLU system;
• Conduct performance improvement on current solutions;
• Research and develop tools to collect and annotate NLU text corpus;
• Develop tools, train models, and evaluate NLU buffers for various applications and customer projects;
• Develop demos and products on various HW/SW platforms like Android, Linux, QNX devices;
• Development and maintenance of relevant processes for the use in production on key projects at Nuance.

••Knowledge, skills and qualifications••
Education: MS/PhD in Natural Language Processing, computer science, EE, math or related field.

••Required skills•• 
• Basic Natural Language Processing knowledge and better to have hands-on experiences;
• Experience on running accuracy experiments and systematically improving performance. Self-driven and diligent for solving real world problems;
• Proficiency in C/C++ programming skills and script programming (Python/Perl/Lua, etc.);
• Native speaker of Mandarin, and better to have one or more dialects;
• Ability to work well both independently and within a team;
• Prefer ASR R&D experience or have interests on learning ASR;
Preferred skills:
• Team work spirit, self-motivated;
• Fluent English communication, or more second foreign languages;
• Accomplished coder – can realize research ideas effectively

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