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Computational Linguist, Google Assistant - Google
United States (Mountain View)

Understanding natural language is at the core of Google's technologies. The Natural Language Understanding (NLU) team at Google guides, builds, and innovates methodologies around semantic analysis and representation, syntactic parsing and realization, morphology and lexicon development. Our work directly impacts the Assistant, Search, the Knowledge Graph, and Google Translate, as well as other Machine Intelligence research.

As a Computational Linguist, you will collaborate with Engineers and Researchers in Assistant and Research & Machine Intelligence to develop language understanding models that improve our ability to understand and generate natural language. Many linguists focus on one or more languages in which they have special expertise, and propose directions and solutions to language-specific problems.

Google aims to build products that organize the world's information and make it universally accessible to our users. As a Product Manager at Google, you could be working on new technologies, platforms, consumer facing products, and/or enterprise systems. The end goal will be to match you with the team that best aligns with your interests, experience, and where you will have the most impact.

Minimum qualifications:
• MS degree in Linguistics or Computational Linguistics, or equivalent practical experience.
• Experience in coding with Python and/or C++.
• Experience with software engineering.
• Experience working on developing projects or curricula through collaboration.

Preferred qualifications:
• PhD in Linguistics or Computational Linguistics, or equivalent practical experience.
• 2 years of experience in Natural Language Processing (NLP) research or related fields, with knowledge of semantics, syntax, morphology and/or discourse.
• Familiarity with experimental design, research methodologies, qualitative and quantitative analysis.
• Demonstrated analytical skills and excellent written and verbal communication skills in a technical context.
• Independent worker with the ability to effectively operate with flexibility in a fast paced, constantly evolving team environment.
• Team player with exceptional interpersonal and solution-oriented attitude.

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