Virgin Media is hiring a Conversational UX Specialist

Ireland (Limerick)

Posted 16 days
Reporting to the Senior Operations Manager, the conversational UX specialist is responsible for supporting the business in meeting their digital goals, providing next generation interactions with prospective and existing customers.  You will work to address customer technical and nontechnical issues, in addition to product upsell, utilising conversational solutions. 

In working with stakeholders and technology partners, the specialist will be required to define, develop, evaluate, and deliver the end user experience. They will evaluate new technology capabilities and continually review operational data to generate insights and enable ongoing re-evaluation of conversational flows and content. The person will be key to assure an optimal experience for both customers and customer service agents.

Specific Duties & Tasks:

  • The specialist shall be responsible for all elements of designing conversational journeys, key performance metrics and content, to ensure low friction and highly effective journeys.  They will have responsibility for ongoing collection of KPIs which serve to understand the user’s navigation through the conversational interface to resolve their query.
  • The specialist shall define both content and interactions with consideration of conversational tone and empathy, ensuring that each customer interaction is positive and uplifting for the customer, while resolving their concerns and keeping interaction with live agents to a minimum without compromising the user's experience.
  • Design shall facilitate feedback loops through appropriate user research including metric analysis and user testing, to inform decisions and designs.
  • In designing solutions, the specialist shall apply consideration to the company’s existing conversational technology stack (PEGA), in terms of both product capabilities or limitations, to ensure that features can be delivered with minimal technical roadblocks.
  • The specialist shall apply user-centric design methods and data driven insights to iteratively determine features and priorities.
  • Measure solutions with well-defined metrics, to ensure qualitative and quantitative data is captured and used appropriately to inform decisions on conversational flow structures, user content and agent handoff; in addition to metrics which clearly define the success of each iteration of platform.
  • Model application of human-centered design approaches to frame problems, uncover patterns, discover opportunities, and visualize possibilities.
  • The specialist will document business requirements from historical and recent data driven insights, from business stakeholders and external reviewers. They will clearly articulate the goals of each delivery with qualified KPI objectives and shall operate within the company's existing agile project delivery framework for significant deliveries.
  • The specialist will be responsible for the ongoing delivery of new products and features working directly with technical teams to plan, design, test and deliver in line with the company's existing agile framework. 
  • The specialist shall update existing content and simple conversational flows outside of traditional software deliveries, where ad-hoc, operational updates are required in response to business demands or dynamic events.
  • The specialist shall operate to bring stakeholders, vendors and related teams on a customer focused journey. They will communicate focused conversational user experience concepts at all stages of the design process, leveraging deliverables such as conversational AI user journeys, flow diagrams, data insights and reporting as tools to demystify the projection, technologies and measurable objectives.

Skills & Expertise:

  • A motivated self-starter with previous end to end experience in product ownership.
  • Extremely passionate and knowledgeable on conversational design, content authoring and information architecture as disciplines.
  • Proven experience in UX Conversational design, implementation and operation within a customer facing environment, with qualified metrics illustrating successful delivery.
  • Excellent communication, organisation, and presentation skills, with a portfolio demonstrating both personal and team-based work.
  • Expertise in creating, conducting, and analysing usability evaluations from data insights.
  • Experience in the identification of key performance indicators and data injection strategies for the validation of product success.
  • Passion for customer centric solutions to deliver best in class customer experience.
  • Proven experience in articulating design solutions and managing end to end delivery with internal and external development teams.

The Person:

  • First class problem solving skills who gets to the heart of the matter
  • The ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with the business while ascertaining the key impact/detail behind the issue/request
  • A ‘team player’ who can lead by example and inspire others on a daily basis
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment and embrace change
  • Extremely organised and flexible person working across multiple sites in Ireland
  • High attention to detail, someone who cares about quality in everything they do
  • A methodical approach to both daily tasks and project work
  • Explores opportunities by being resourceful and self-motivating
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