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Voice Interaction Designer - PGSM Consulting
United Kingdom (Reading)

As Voice Interaction Designer (VUI) Designer, you care about meaning and its impact. Meaning as expressed through words and content, and how they are arranged and presented with an interactive experience between a brand and a consumer.

In your role as VUI Designer, you will lead, define, and drive the creation of multi-modal voice experiences enabled by platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Home, including Alexa skills and Chatbots. Your goal will be to establish language models, voice interactions and content standards for a variety of brands, across many industry verticals such as healthcare, consumer goods and financial. You will help set the vision for spoken dialogues and facilitate cohesive, useful and delightful conversations between brands and consumers.

You must be extremely proactive and a pragmatic visionary, because you will regularly find yourself in uncharted territory where the key to your success will be to get ahead of the curve. You must be a collaborator, and will be working side-by-side with developers in an agile environment to bring your voice experiences to life. And most important, you must excel at conceptualizing spoken and multi-modal experiences, writing interactive dialogue and driving that vision into a successful go-to-market product. You will work with a high-energy, cross-functional team, to create best-in-class experiences for innovative consumer products.

Key Responsibilities
• Own the vision and final delivery of the voice experience and interactions for a given product or account.
• Ensure tactical execution to drive cohesive narratives across all digital touch points within the experience (and work with marketing and operations on touch points outside the experience).
• Develop spoken dialogue for voice experiences that ensures a seamless brand voice across written and spoken channels; as well as document and tune speak patterns, grammars and utterances to build natural language models for virtual assistants.
• Produce language prompts, user flows, voice prototypes, and detailed VUI design specifications such as voice interaction diagrams and voice flow maps.
• Collaborate with designers, researchers, prototypers, product managers, and engineers to define requirements. Manage projects and stakeholders.
• Validate models and interaction with end users, stakeholders and in concert with quality assurance.
• Evaluate usability and audio consistency of dialog flows and recommend design changes and optimizations as needed to enhance the experience
• Speak authoritatively on concepts of spoken interaction design in daily iterations with product managers, engineers, and testers
Create and maintain voice design guidelines, reference artifacts, and resources to assist in the development of Mobiquity’s Voice Interface Design practice
• Develop and evangelize voice user interface design best practices and processes
• Act as a subject matter expert for user experience writing.
• Help coordinate translations, improve writing tools and processes, format documents, and generally lend a hand as needed to produce world-class software and hardware products.
• Write clear, concise user-interface text for digital experiences spanning mobile applications, websites, push notification campaigns and more.

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