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Senior NLU Researcher - Cerence
China (Shanghai)

Conduct research and development on NLU (Natural Language Understanding) for automotive, mobile phone and IoT applications; Resolve the key issues of NLU in SDS (Speech Dialogue System); Be a member of global R&D team to create new technologies/products; Follow up state-of-art NLP technologies, including the deep-learning based NLP technologies and products;

Principal duties and responsibilities
Representative responsibilities/duties will include but not limited to:
• Research algorithms of NLP key components for NLU system;
• Conduct performance improvement on current solutions;
• Research and develop tools to collect and annotate NLU text corpus;
• Develop tools, train models, and evaluate NLU buffers for various applications and customer projects;
• Develop demos and products on various HW/SW platforms like Android, Linux, QNX devices;
• Development and maintenance of relevant processes for the use in production on key projects at Nuance.

Knowledge, skills and qualifications
Education: MS/PhD in Natural Language Processing, computer science, EE, math or related field

Required skills:
• Basic Natural Language Processing knowledge and better to have hands-on experiences;
• Experience on running accuracy experiments and systematically improving performance. Self-driven and diligent for solving real world problems;
• Proficiency in C/C++ programming skills and script programming (Python/Perl/Lua, etc.);
• Native speaker of Mandarin, and better to have one or more dialects;
• Ability to work well both independently and within a team;
• Prefer ASR R&D experience or have interests on learning ASR;
Preferred skills:
• Team work spirit, self-motivated;
• Fluent English communication, or more second foreign languages;
• Accomplished coder – can realize research ideas effectivel

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