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Frontend Engineer - Rasa
Full-time (remote)

We're looking for a Software Engineer with professional experience using React who can demonstrate ownership and collaborate with their teammates to solve complex problems. This is an opportunity to craft products from the ground up and design complex systems that support our mission.

As a Remote first company, we believe that the internet is where the work happens, an office is just somewhere you can connect to the internet. We believe that everyone can make a difference at Rasa no matter where they are based. If you would like to work in an office then we have R&D offices in Berlin, Germany, and in Edinburgh, UK. But our focus is to continue to build our team remotely across the UK and Germany.

About This Role
Software Development at Rasa is not only about writing Code. You'll have to come up with good architectural designs, quality code, and break an ambitious long-term vision down into milestones and issues.
We don’t draw a hard line between backend and frontend engineering, we all work on the same product and share work, knowledge, and tools. A lot of the code we create is open source and used by a large community of developers. The driver for our development efforts is this: what would help developers build great conversational software? What can we enable them to build that they couldn't do currently?
We design our user experience to be simple, customisable and empowering for our users. Our codebase is a React application with Redux state management and fully typed using Flow. We have an emphasis on functional programming, easily testable components and solving problems with high quality, maintainable solutions and minimum technical debt.
Please keep in mind that we are describing the background we imagine would best fit the role. Even if you don’t meet all the requirements, yet you are passionate about this role: we absolutely want to get to know you!

About You
• You know JavaScript well and have experience with React.
• You are a capable and versatile engineer who can build great products for the web.
• You can use functional programming and static typing to write code that’s reliable, readable, and fast.
• You are primarily motivated by building and shipping great products, and you’re happy to look at build systems and backend code when necessary.

Things You Will Do
We’re a startup, so you’ll have to be comfortable rolling up your sleeves and doing whatever is required to support our mission. However, you can definitely expect to:
• Come up with creative and sensible solutions to interesting and often unique problems (this may be your favourite part!)
• Architect, code and test a large frontend codebase
• Improve the user experience of our documentation (a crucial part of the product!)
• Contribute expertise to defining the future of the product, including features, priorities and UX.
• Work closely with our other frontend developers, reviewing each others code and holding each other to a high standard.
• Navigate our tech stack: TypeScript, React, Python3, Redis, RabbitMQ, Postgres, GitHub Actions, Kubernetes, GCP among other technologies and frameworks.
• Contribute, be it with code or informed feature requests, to our Python backend services. Those services support the frontend we make, but we also encourage our customers to use them to make their own tools, so API design is crucial.
• Work with enthusiastic people across all areas of the company—from marketing and business development to machine learning research and UX design—to create the tools to let all makers build AI assistants that everyone can use.

What Can You Expect From Us
• Flexible hours, work from home when you need to
• 1000 Euros personal development fund to help you grow within your role
• 26 days paid holiday per year
• A new Macbook, and other Tech to help you to do your job
• We have regular team events, as well as regular social events
• 2 team offsites every year, our last one was 3 days in beautiful Brandenburg.

About Us
Rasa supplies the standard infrastructure for conversational AI, providing the tools required to build better, more resilient contextual assistants. With more than 3 million downloads since launch, Rasa Open Source is loved by developers worldwide, with a friendly, fast-growing community learning from each other and working together to make better text- and voice-based AI assistants.

Rasa offers three key products in its suite of conversational AI offering. Rasa Open Source is the most popular open source software in conversational AI. Rasa X, released in 2019, is a free toolset that helps developers quickly improve and share an AI assistant built with Rasa Open Source. Rasa Enterprise is the company's commercial offering, providing an enterprise-grade platform for developing contextual assistants at scale. Rasa runs in production everywhere from startups to Fortune 500s, and provides the data privacy and security needed to enterprises of every size.

Rasa is privately held, with funding from Accel, Andreessen Horowitz, Basis Set Ventures, and others. The company was founded in 2016 and has offices in Berlin, Germany and Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Rasa is an equal opportunity employer. We are still a small team and are committed to growing in an inclusive manner. We want to augment our team with talented, compassionate people irrespective of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, physical or mental disability, or age.

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