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NLP Engineer - Brain Technologies
United States (San Mateo)

Brain Technologies Inc. is an American AI company based in San Mateo, California. The company aims to organize the world's software and make it natural to use, enabled by its real-time generative computer interface.

In this role, you’ll be sitting at the intersection of UX, NLP and engineering, designing improvements to our natural language engine, the core technology behind the intelligence of our product. You’ll get to solve difficult problems like semantic understanding, entity recognition, dialogue state tracking, knowledge base induction, personalization and active learning. On this path to product launch, you’ll have a hand in shaping a highly personal and intent-driven user experience — bringing the product vision to life.

Qualifications and Skills
• 2+ years of experience in prototyping, evaluating, and deploying production NLP systems
• 3+ years of experience with Python
• Background and experience with both knowledge-based (e.g, dependency parsing) and model-based (e.g., deep learning) NLP techniques
• Familiarity and experience with tools for prototyping and deploying deep learning models (Tensorflow, PyTorch, TFX, etc.)
• Fluency in state-of-the-art deep learning and NLP methods (CNNs, RNNs, transformers, pre-training, fine-tuning, transfer learning, entity recognition & typing, attention, ontologies etc.)

Nice to Haves
• MS/PhD with a focus in NLP, or related publications.
• Experience in building ontologies, including data acquisition, cleaning, and organizing.
• Expertise in developing voice assistants, dialogue systems or similar conversational AI products.
• Previous experience in a startup environment and an appetite for building consumer products.

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