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Chatbot Manager - Paysafe
United Kingdom (London)

We want machines – and humankind – to act well and behave ethically. When planning a digital transformation we need to ensure both safety and exploration are possible and that 1 does not negate the other. Security and safety: We want to feel safe in this brave (and scary) new world we’re creating. Dreams: A number of our new jobs stem from age-old science fiction visions that are set to become science fact. In times that are undeniably cloudy and in which the downsides of technology are more visible than ever, these types of jobs derive from our desire to continue believing in the positive power of technological-driven progress. This role will embody that positive vision.

Specific Responsibilities
• Prioritise topics and prepare for Chatbot Advisory ratification, create and amend solution architecture and align personal information marking requirements per use case

• Utilize the latest research on user interactions to script colloquial banter to maximize user engagement, goals, wants and needs (e.g., making a call, purchases, getting estimates, etc.).
• Work with chatbot copywriters to anticipate tactical, flexible “if/then” conversational branch logic/trees; use real-time A/B tests to verify quality.
• Work with chatbot copywriters to develop strategic personae applicable to your linguistic community to heighten engagement.
• Leverage our AI software to map or overlay culturally appropriate visual GIFs, emojis and memes into text-based chatbot or AR flows/trees/cues that augment your voice-only creativity.
• Own the customer journey from end to end, visualizing and simulating customer personas to generate a “machine personality.”
• Inject the “voice of the customer” into the machine personality brief, by capturing the desired customer preferences and aversions at the point of delivery.
• Reconcile the “voice of the enterprise” into the machine interface and ensure a consistent brand experience across all automated touch­points.
• Test personality proposals for best fit, using an automated interface that spans voice, agree­ableness and humor. (!!)
• Work across product delivery teams, such as the voice and Customer services team, to ensure a match with a pro­posal.
• Tune the personality algorithm with inputs and outputs to the machine interface to fine-tune the offering post-implementation.
• Work with our teams of humanistic anthropol­ogists to observe, document and predict the unique conversational habits, styles and needs of your linguistic community.

Skills & Qualifications
• A bachelor’s degree in English or linguistics or equivalent university-level language creden­tialing. Experience or degree in sociology-related field (desirable but not essential).
• A background in B2B UX design, augmented reality journey building flows, creative writing or social media conversations (applicants with demonstrated experience as “improv” actors or audiobook actors a plus).
• Skilled in visualizing and improving conversa­tional flow (i.e., not stilted “if/then” scripts but natural conversational flows for given lan­guages or dialects).
• Deep understanding of and cultural attune­ment to languages or dialects that can scale to create a more natural conversation for a sub­stantial population of our user base.
• Ability to apply natural conversational subtle­ties and nuances, and talent in developing bot “personality” and “humor.”
A flair for brand marketing with excellent lead­ership and interpersonal skills.
• Commercial experience in customer journey mapping and voice of the customer metrics. Focus on next-best-action analysis an advan­tage.
• Commercial experience in global ethnogra­phy
A background in digital engineering and prod­uct management.

Equal Employment Opportunity
Paysafe provides equal employment opportunities to all employees, and applicants for employment, and prohibits discrimination of any type with regard to ethnicity, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other protected characteristics. This policy applies to all terms and conditions of recruitment and employment. If you need any reasonable adjustments please let us know. We will be happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

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