QBiox is hiring a Chatbot Data Analyst

United Kingdom (Reading)

Posted about 2 months
We’ve got a unique opportunity for a Chatbot Data Analyst to join our talented team of innovators to conduct deep analyses of client chatbot Natural Language models, and restructure and train the models to solve performance issues.

Within this role, you’ll use your knowledge of chatbot model building, as well as gaining new skills using our QBox tool to help identify performance issues. You’ll need to collaborate closely with the QBox team as well as client teams, and we expect you to contribute strong analytical skills, and be a self-directed, forward-thinker. Duties will also include being involved in the QBox onboarding process, training new clients how to use the QBox tool.

Applicants need to have good general knowledge of NLP and the technology concepts behind NLU, as this helps with the problem-solving required for this position. General knowledge of AI chatbot frameworks such as Microsoft LUIS/CLU, IBM Watson, Google Dialogflow ES/CX and RASA, as well as experience using our QBox tool are bonuses, although full training would also be provided for these and to ensure the successful candidate becomes proficient in AI processes.

Key responsibilities

  • Analyse client conversational NLU models and training data sets to identify issues
  • Responsible for the strategic mapping of the conversation domain and ensuring the training data optimises the NLU technology
  • Proactively work with subject matter experts to gain essential information for the domains
  • Generating strategic classifications within domain mapping
  • Critically validate data to generate training data sets and build or restructure the NLU models

Key skills

  • A passion for data and strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • A degree within a technology, AI, mathematical or equivalent course
  • Excellent verbal/written communication skills with the ability to present complex problems to an audience
  • Excellent client presentation skills
  • Ability to work with others who have different technology-awareness levels
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
  • Excellent organisational skills and time management skills
  • Great attention to detail

Bonus skills

  • Experience of using our QBox tool, although training will be provided
  • Understanding of the technology concepts behind NLU/NLP technology
  • Experience in building training data sets and NLU models on Microsoft LUIS/CLU, IBM Watson, , Amazon Lex, Google Dialogflow ES/CX, RASA or Cognigy
  • Knowledge of SQL and Python or other similar programming language

This is a UK-based role so candidates applying must have valid right to work in the UK.

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