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Text-To-Speech Software engineer - Cerence
Italy (Torino)
Full-time (remote)

As a Text-To-Speech software engineer you will help shape the future of computer voices at Cerence. We build and maintain technology for embedded and cloud-based text-to-speech applications and support more than 100 voices in 50+ different languages. Our software stack is built on C and C++ and we use Python and Java for testing frameworks and tools. The whole stack is continuously built and tested automatically using Jenkins. Our technology is speaking to you from your car’s GPS system, mobile assistants and interactive telephony systems.

• As part of the software team you analyze, design and implement innovation to the text-to-speech technology e.g. neural TTS, voice cloning, as well as develop test cases for your changes
• Work in close collaboration with TTS R&D teams (research, linguistic) in EMEA to make sure the algorithmic improvements and new language and voice releases get integrated timely and correctly.
• Optimize algorithms to fit in a target budget of RAM, Flash and CPU consumption.
• Support our professional services teams in delivering our solutions to customers. Understand their needs and follow-up on requests and bug reports.
• In short, innovate the text-to-speech product, optimize it towards the computing platforms and work with the different teams to get a successful solution in the market.

Minimum years of work experience: ideally 5
• Programming experience in C/C++, Python.
• Experience with data compression, SIMD instructions or GPU programming (CUDA).
• Passion for software engineering and software architecture applied to AI.
• An understanding of software quality and processes leading to high quality software.
• Speaking and writing English fluently. Knowledge of additional languages is a plus.
• The will and ability to function in a team spread across the globe

Preferred skills
• Experience with version control systems (e.g. Mercurial, Git, SVN)
• Experience with issue tracking systems (e.g. Fogbugz, Jira)
• Experience with Docker and Cloud Computing Concepts
• Experience with speech synthesis (TTS), automatic speech recognition (ASR), natural language understanding (NLU), Machine Learning, Neural Networks
• Experience with embedded platforms for automotive and mobile
• Programming experience on different platforms (Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, iOS, etc)

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